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Lion's Mane

  • Supports Clarity and Focus - Our lions mane capsules help improve the brain’s function while supporting the brain, sleep, energy levels — the perfect brain booster.
  • Brain Health Superfood - Our cognitive supplement contains antioxidants that may support cells. Getting your daily functional mushrooms supplement intake can help lower the risk of oxidation.
  • Protective Neurotrophic Factors - Our Lion’s Mane, also known as Hericium Erinaceus, may stimulate nerve growth factor synthesis (NGF) that can help lower feelings of inadequacy. Helps assist with brain fog and feel like you can conquer anything!
  • Immune Support: Our lions mane mushroom capsules are made of 100% organic lion's mane extract that provides advanced immune health support to get you through any environmental factors that come your way.
  • Love It or Return It Guarantee - We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients and we just know you'll love your results! We're here to help you make the choice for a healthier lifestyle.
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